WipeOS is a solution for permanently destroying data from commonly used IT devices found in most organizations. Incorporating WipeOS into your network or using one of the other features like USB to sanitize data from decommissioned devices will eliminate the risk of a data breach. Even if your policy is to shred hard drives containing data, there is still a massive exposure to loss or theft during the time it takes for a device to be decommissioned, the drive to get pulled, and the hard drive to be shredded.

A WipeOS appliance can be plugged into a switch on an existing Local Area Network (LAN) and be used to sanitize any or all devices prior to removal. If a LAN option is not ideal for your environment or the devices do not have a network plug, WipeOS can be used with a simple USB stick. By using an existing network infrastructure, organizations can ensure and certify that devices have been wiped of all data before they are removed, thereby eliminating the risk of potentially being misplaced or stolen while in transit or storage.

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