With WipeOS, a small business doesn’t need a technician to make sure all sensitive data is wiped clean from devices that companies will eventually need to decommission. WipeOS offers a cost-effective method for small businesses to ensure that no decommissioned drives leave their facility with data that may be compromised.

Small businesses arguably have the most to lose in the event of a costly data breach. Since most small businesses do not have an IT department or legal team, sensitive company or customer data can be a huge liability. Deleting data or even formatting drives is simply not enough with modern data recovery tools. While many small businesses may not have internal data security protocols, WipeOS can bring a small business’s security to the same level as that of a Fortune 100 company.

WipeOS makes technology and reporting previously available only to large organizations available to small businesses in an affordable and user-friendly package. Now anyone with the most basic computer skills can use WipeOS to ensure that data is properly and permanently destroyed.

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