IT Asset Disposition goes hand in hand with data security and reporting. WipeOS can ensure certified data destruction of all media-containing devices and provides detailed reports cataloging each drive’s serial number by job number, location, or other customizable fields. By wiping and reselling the drives instead of physically destroying them, ITAD companies can maximize value.

The WipeOS team can help ITAD companies create a data destruction lab for all types of drives: HDD and SSD 512/520 block size, including all interfaces IDE/ATA, SCSI, SATA, SAS, FC. WipeOS reporting automatically reads the make, model and serial number of the drives to prepopulate a certificate of destruction, eliminating the time-consuming task of scanning each individual drive. By selecting 1-pass, 3-pass or 7-pass wipe, it’s easy can stay in compliance with your internal processes and clients’ needs, as well as with audits such as R2.

Companies in the ITAD industry appreciate a couple of additional exciting features that WipeOS offers: the drives are tested using S.M.A.R.T. technology, and the number of hours every drive has been powered on is catalogued. Knowing the make, model, condition and hours of each drive makes it much easier to price and sell them.

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