A single WipeOS appliance in a 1U rack space in any data center environment can provide peace of mind about the diagnosis of HDDs/SSDs. It offers the ability to wipe drives prior to decommissioning, and before they leave the security of your data center. Users can view the logs from anywhere in the world with an internet connection while an operator on the ground with clearance to the data center can perform the necessary functions.

With proper authentication, users can log into a secure portal to view all the HDDs/SSDs on a single network in a data center. The makes and models of the drives, as well as how many hours each drive has been powered on are available for viewing. This makes it easy to see which drives may be in need of replacement so that backup drives of the same type can be ordered. The portal can be organized by location, rack number and/or cage number in a colocation. Multiple WipeOS appliances can be seen from a single portal.

When certain drives are selected to be wiped in the event of upgrades or decommissioning, an authorized operator on the ground can perform the data sanitization from the WipeOS appliance. On the portal, users will be able to see the logs of all the drives that have been sanitized, as well as the S.M.A.R.T. test results to know if the drives can be re-purposed. If a drive fails, it will be highlighted in red and marked “Failed”. A report of select drives that have been wiped can be created, and certificates of data destruction can be generated and printed and/or saved for filing and reporting purposes.

IT Engineer installs equipment in the rack in datacenter