Need help with hardware and ongoing support?

Apr 5, 2021 | Blog

The team here at WipeOS is determined to make sure we support organizations who strive to have the most efficient and effective solution possible. When it comes to secure data erasure, testing and reporting, there may be a wide variety of devices that get the job done. Through our consultative approach, we are able to work with you and your team to continually develop and improve the hardware and software used by leading industry organizations. Whether it’s working with gear you have laying around or identifying equipment that will improve performance, we can help.


A data destruction lab is essential for any organization that handles data containing devices. The loose-drive wiping lab is a great way to wipe and test all types of drives. This type of modular lab works great with WipeOS. It is easy to keep updating and changing the lab to fit your specific needs and equipment types.



Some considerations we often look at pertain to the connections that are used. Modern gear is better! PCI lanes are better than on-board SATA! SAS-3 is better than SAS-2, is better than SATA, is better than IDE, etc.

You will want to use all the PCI lanes you have. This means you want a server with more than 1 PCI card slot and good RAID cards in IT modes for those slots.


A complete system set up is very simple and is very efficient for wiping, testing and reporting. A tech bench consisting of a few basic devices will ensure best results. A GIGAbit of unmanaged switch is recommended for fast consumer-grade functionality as it typically only has power and a number of internet ports with activity lights.

If needed, these switches can be daisy chained to create as many connections as possible to ensure maximum throughput. A setup that includes easy access to ethernet cables from these switches is really all that is needed. Our team will also let you know if there are network concerns or things that may reduce speeds.

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