The Power of Secure Data Erasure Anywhere, Anytime!

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Introducing DataZapper™ The Offline, Onsite Solution!

Are you an IT professional responsible for managing laptops and desktops? Ensure your data’s security with our groundbreaking solution – DataZapper™. This USB device provides a hassle-free, offline, and secure method for wiping individual devices, eliminating the need for an internet connection.


Offline Security

No internet? No problem! DataZapper™ functions offline, ensuring your data remains secure even in remote locations. Take control of your data wipe process without dependency on online connections. Confidently secure laptops and desktops without a network, wrapping robust security in the convenience of a USB stick.

Global Accessibility

DataZapper empowers you to wipe devices at any location. Its portable design allows for onsite data erasure, bridging the security gap for IT departments managing remote users.

Streamlined Efficiency for Every Scale

Whether you’re a sprawling enterprise or a compact operation, our device scales to your needs. High-volume wipes for corporate giants? Check. Straightforward security for small businesses? Double-check. DataZapper is the cost-effective choice – enhance your data security while optimizing your IT budget.

On-Site Reports, On-Point Compliance

Our tool doesn’t just erase data; it documents diligence, bridging security gaps and bolstering your data defense. Stay informed about the success of each data wipe, enhancing your overall security strategy

Effortless Redeployment:

Streamline your redeployment process. Sending devices for reuse or recycling? Send DataZapper along with a return box to your remote users, guaranteeing the security of your devices before they return to you. It’s a cost-effective and secure solution for both enterprises and small businesses mitigating the risk of theft and potential data breaches.

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