WipeOS is not just a product, it’s a service

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WipeOS leads the industry in customer support!

Our team works with yours as a partner to work together to achieve your business goals. We want to be sure you are getting the most out of WipeOS and all of the features it offers. This includes automated workflow, device discovery, component testing, imaging, and of course, certified data destruction.

WipeOS is great for our business, because it provides wiping, diagnostic reporting, erasure reporting which allows us to provide secure asset recovery for recycling and sales. There are so many features that allow you to sanitize a wide range of devices.

Customer service has been excellent as WipeOS is always ready to help, fix any issues, troubleshoot and preplan for special projects.

Steven J.

Director of ITAD

With a dedicated team, we provide fast and competent support with same-day response times. When a client is requesting something that is time sensitive, we understand that speed of service is one of the biggest factors in good customer service.

Other service providers are known for having very slow ticketing processes that delay action and resolution. An email, call or chat with one of our WipeOS experts will provide you with the best cutomer service available.