WipeOS Keeps The Prices The Same, Despite Inflation

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Inflation! That’s the general increase in the cost of everyday items. Which leads to a gradual decrease in your money’s purchasing power. Because a dollar doesn’t stretch as far when things get more expensive. It’s why you have to pay more for a car or home today than your parents did when they were your age.

We are pleased to announce that WipeOS will not be raising its fees! We will continue to improve our solutions without any additional cost to our clients. This means your credits are more valuable than ever!

We are providing a true value add for our clients. Our community of successful WipeOS users will continue to benefit from all of the features and benefits of WipeOS without having to pay more.

Year-over-year, prices have increased 5.4% in recent months. It’s a continuation of an inflationary trend consumers have experienced. Here’s how much prices have increased over the past year in key categories, according to the Labor Department:

To provide the best solution possible we are investing in our team. We continue to thrive on the positive feedback and input of our users and we look forward to continuing to provide our users with world-class service and support.