CDR Global endorses WipeOS

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“CDR Global, Inc. is an industry leader when it comes to ITAD-related services. In being an industry leader, we want to create lasting partnerships that grow and expand organizational operations on all fronts. We were very eager to play a part in latest development made by the guys over at WipeOS. The added support of the Apple T2 Security Chip has allowed us a quicker turnaround time when processing these units, and the diagnostic support provides clean, accurate testing records that we can rely on (which maximizes ROI for our customers).

We are very optimistic looking towards the future of our industry with the WipeOS team by our side.”

Carter Lanzner

IT Director, CDR Global

With new features being added regularly, WipeOS continues to add value to our users and partners. Contact us to see how WipeOS can increase efficiencies that will save your time and money and stay on top of your IT audits.