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Now, more than ever, it is necessary to have good record-keeping measures in place as businesses of all sizes are continuously being audited to ensure compliance. Whether it’s for certified data destruction or reporting for third party audits, WipeOS makes it easy.

“The greatest asset for my clients that use WipeOS, is the cloud-based record keeping for testing and data destruction. In the R2 compliance world, record keeping can be a daunting, never-ending task and WipeOS provides a streamlined solution that makes it simple for clients to meet their compliance requirements. Further, as an auditor, the testing and the data destruction that is available for review once a device has been processed is beyond what most software provides…it’s easy to review and meet the requirements of voluntary certifications.”

Michael Hutchcraft

Vice-President, Glacier Consulting

With new features being added regularly, WipeOS continues to add value to our users and partners. Contact us to see how WipeOS can increase efficiencies that will save your time and money and stay on top of your IT audits.