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Testing the components of IT devices has long been a lengthy troubleshooting procedure. Common steps include opening the device and visually inspecting the hardware. Technicians often have to hunt down failing or faulty parts in order to make repairs. This process can lead to costly bench time and slow down the overall process. Technicians bench time is very valuable so they need a complete system that quickly and accurately processes all the required details. Avoiding manual inspections and part swapping can increase the accuracy and value of the process as a whole.

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The latest and greatest best practices for processing devices is to leave them intact and utilize a network boot software solution to do the heavy lifting that enables technicians to run device discovery and diagnostics digitally. This removes the possibility of human error and speeds up the process and tech time. Once the hardware has been accounted for, the wipe and test can be completed.

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All of this information is then made available and can be viewed through an integrated ERP or Inventory solution. These details are often available through an online portal as well.