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Making sure data is irrecoverable and completely destroyed is the new standard of compliance.  Data destruction certified by a compliant data erasure software ensures there are clear records of destruction and that every data containing device is accounted for.  This process is often referred too as data sanitization, a system that requires a comprehensive process that utilizes a  data erasure software solution.    

The data erasure software that provides sanitization should use a process that utilizes various methods of destruction that are also verifiable.  The user should be able to wipe one or more hard drives, SSDs, and NVME SSDs with a variety of different wipe methods.  Percentage based verification and secure erase, are often required as well.  These records should be made available in a tamper-proof report such as a .pdf or a secure online portal.


All data is highly sensitive data.  For that reason sanitization is critical to mitigate risk and remove any chance of unauthtorized access.  Regulated industries of all types require data protection and data privacy compliance.  A well-structured data destruction program ensures constant and current compliance.  

As regulations and restrictions continue to develop and become more stringent, it is imperative to have a process that is compliant.  There are several standards that may be followed when it comes to data sanitization compliance.  The two most well known are US Department of Defense (DoD) and the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) 800-88.  Be sure your process supports these standards as a minimum.  

The data erasure software should be regularly updated to ensure all hardware is being properly wiped and accounted for.  Working with a cloud-based solution makes it possible to stay current while technologies change. 


As the process of destroying data continues to improve it is best to have an erasure solution that you can depend on.  Data sanitization best practices are only as valuable as their certifications.  Be sure to set up a process that provides clear details for verifying data sanitization that ensures all data is irrecoverable.