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Certified Data Wiping

Understanding the different types of well-known international wiping standards is a way to make sure that the proper ones are met, depending on your business needs. There are multiple different pass options, which refers to the number of times the data is rewritten, ranging from as few as one pass to as many as 35.

Different counties may have different standards defined, and there are debates among professionals over the most preferred method or number of passes, which is why having a range of options is a key thing to look for in a vendor. 

WipeOS uses the most known international standards for wiping hard drives:


WipeOS customization provides modifications to the software to meet your individual requirements. As your business evolves, so does WipeOS. 

This is included for no additional charge. WipeOS is a solution that supports your organization and you work by tailoring the software to fit your needs. Contact your account representative to schedule a support call to discuss further.