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WipeOS Efficiency

WipeOS combines several useful functions into a single network-booted operational system. 

Boot your hardware to WipeOS over your existing network infrastructure. Combine disk wiping, validation, diagnostics, and imaging. Batch account numbers for each unit with WipeOS. We try very hard to streamline the asset processing pipeline and integrate it with your existing workflow. When properly set up, WipeOS reduces the effort of wiping/testing a unit to network-booting the device, inputting job/asset numbers, and hitting ‘Start All’.

Process with WipeOS

1.  Connecting hardware via Ethernet

2. Booting WipeOS

3. Running Diagnostics

4. Hard Drive wiping and destruction

5. Device Imaging

6. Pushing all Results to Inventory/ERP


Wipe results, hardware notes, and diagnostics are automatically sent to our website. You can then use to view all processing records, and easily generate certificates of data destruction. WipeOS also offers very flexible integration with existing ERP setups, so all of your data is where you need it to be.

The WipeOS Diagnostics feature is particularly useful for processing laptops and other consumer hardware for resale.  Display, keyboard, memory, WiFi, and Ethernet testing are all combined into a quick, streamlined experience directly on the device, and all logs are sent to the portal for easy compliance and reference. 

We have an exceptionally great solution for loose drives – load entire racks with disks, wipe them, hot-swap with a new batch, and repeat. Increasing wiping throughput is as simple as network-booting another server to WipeOS. There’s tremendous value in a wiping solution that can properly scale with your available hardware.