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WipeOS partners with Makor ERP to streamline ITAD processes

WipeOS is excited to announce a brand new integration with Makor ERP, designed to provide the most streamlined and thorough ITAD and recycling process possible, from data destruction to resale. WipeOS data erasure software will integrate with the Makor ERP resale process to provide a seamless transition from start to finish, including full reporting access, certification, automated processes, inventory services, and more, all in one simple package.

About WipeOS

WipeOS is a data erasure software company that thoroughly and certifiably permanently removes data from any IT equipment. Founded by IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) industry veterans, the software relies on the fact that the most effective data diagnostics, erasure, and transparency relies on thoroughness and simplicity. That’s why WipeOS
software was created to integrate all factors in the data erasure process to guarantee fully secure, compliant results.

WipeOS serves data centers, large enterprises, or small businesses who are upgrading or discarding IT devices. The software rigorously supports the standards of the toughest international regulations, no matter what network type or interface, to safely destroy data in full compliance with the most modern data protection. The results include readily accessible reporting for transparency, accuracy, and accountability.

About Makor ERP

Makor ERP delivers fast, accurate processing and inventory for IT resellers for a faster ITAD, recycling, and e-waste cash turnover. The company implements a single system to minimize unnecessary middle steps and decrease the overall production lifecycle, resulting in decreased overhead costs and increasing profit. The streamlined approach also removes compliance risks and delivers a competitive edge over others in the industry.

Makor ERP offers custom packages to meet the needs of a wide variety of IT resellers. Packages include robust inventory systems, reporting portals, order and data security management, logistics planning, customer prospecting, and financial management. From the start of custody to the production and resale stages, Makor ERP brings clients peace of mind and takes on the burden of logistical and security best practices.

Integration between WipeOS and Makor ERP will maximize efficiency and accuracy

WipeOS has recently partnered with Makor ERP to create a thorough and smooth ITAD or recycling production process from start to finish. The integration was a perfect match to save time and resources even further by cutting out manual processes and labor, including providing a higher capacity for processing and erasure of any amount of devices. The cooperation also allows for more robust compliance features, including comprehensive reporting accessible through around-the-clock portals, helping maintain a transparent record of data destruction and certification to prove its success.

The integration also includes a fully automated, customizable process for data destruction and inventory, all in one package. WipeOS software is fully integrated with Makor ERP systems and networks for flawless imports, which in turn enables more seamless data wiping, especially for large ITAD and brokers. The expertise of WipeOS data destruction
specialists adds an additional level of compliance, helping clients meet the rigorous standards of some of the toughest IT regulations, among them the Department of Defense and NIST Standards for cybersecurity.

What the CEOs of WipeOS and Makor ERP say about the integration

Ridvan Hajrullahu, CEO of WipeOS, expressed optimism about the integration and the impact it will have on further increasing efficiency for resale clients.

“This is another big step for WipeOS, among all of the other great features we added this year. The goal is for WipeOS to add value for its customers, and this integration is going to automate a lot of the processes and increase efficiency,” Hajrullahu said, adding that the WipeOS team enjoyed working with Makor ERP engineers. “This integration was a very smooth process. We’re looking forward to further cooperation with them.”

Makor ERP CEO Mark Chodos pointed out the numerous enhancements the integration will provide clients.
“The integration of the WipeOS software with the Makor ERP platform provides several significant enhancements to the way ITAD’s process data-bearing devices,” he explained.

These improvements include:
-The ability to automatically discover the configuration of the data bearing unit  and have this information populated in the ERP.
-The ability to manage wiping services based on customer request via the ERP.  If customers are only willing to pay for specific wipe services then the ERP enforces these requests and instructs WipeOs what type of wipe procedure to initiate.
-The Makor ERP provides customers with Data Security processes and HDD management tools integrated with the WipeOS platform to ensure all data bearing devices are secured prior to resale.

“If data security is a priority for customers, then the Makor ERP integrated with the WipeOS product is a must,” Chodos said.