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New integration will boost ITAD and IT resale business

WipeOS is excited to announce a brand new integration with IQ reseller the world’s number one ERP for IT resellers and ITAD professionals. The WipeOS integration is designed to provide the most streamlined and thorough ITAD and recycling process possible, from data destruction to resale. WipeOS data erasure software will integrate with your chosen IQ reseller process to provide a seamless transition from start to finish, including full reporting access, certification, automated processes, inventory services, and more, all in one simple package. IQ reseller has an automated, customer-driven workflow integrated with WipeOS. The shop floor worker will no longer need to determine factors like which erasure method to use for each customer and when to use it. Everything is automated and driven from a customer process flow, which can be unique to each of your ITAD customers. Additionally, the billing for services provided are output to the customer settlement invoice.

About WipeOS

WipeOS is a data destruction software solution that permanently, safely, and certifiably removes unwanted data from any storage device. The company was founded by IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) industry veterans on the key principle that the most effective data diagnostics, erasure, and transparency, whether used for one device or a thousand, relies on accessibility and simplicity. That’s why WipeOS software was created as an integrated solution to ensure thorough, secure data erasure.

Whether it’s used for a data center, large enterprise, or small business, WipeOS rigorously matches the data standards of most well-known international regulations across any network type or interface to safely destroy data in full compliance with the most modern data protection standards. The results include readily accessible reporting for transparency and accuracy.

About IQ reseller

Founded in 2001, IQ reseller satisfies the unique needs of the global ITAD industry, managing IT reseller operations in one standalone platform. IQ reseller provides robust support for e-Stewards recyclers and enables a seamless resale process, decreasing overhead costs and increasing profit while addressing the many challenges of environmental
regulation, privacy laws, and chain of custody.

IQ reseller offers specialized packages to fulfill the needs of a wide variety of ITAD operations. The packages include extraordinary reporting capabilities, plus an open API for integrations with any e-commerce marketplace, CRM, or Portal of any kind. IQ reseller also includes complete accounting service of your choice or any other accounting integration.
IQ reseller makes the resale process uncomplicated and slick. With unique critical features and technology that competitors cannot replicate that streamline the process, clients focus on business and growth and significantly cut down on administrative tasks.

Integrating the companies for seamless results

WipeOS has recently partnered with IQ reseller to create a thorough and smooth ITAD process from start to finish. The integration saves clients labor and reduces manual processes, including providing a higher capacity for processing and erasure, plus compliance features, like comprehensive reporting to give you a clear picture of data destruction
and certification to prove its success and compliance.

The integration also includes a fully automated, customizable process for data destruction and inventory all in one package, automatic configurations and integrations with IQ reseller systems for smooth imports, network boots that enable more seamless data wiping for large ITAD and brokers, all meeting the standards of some of the toughest IT regulations, including the Department of Defense and NIST Standards for cybersecurity.

What the CEOs of WipeOS and IQR say about the integration

Ridvan Hajrullahu, CEO of WipeOS, said the integration with IQ reseller has been exciting, and will be an additional way for clients to save time and money.

“This is another big step for WipeOS, among all of the other great features we added this year. The goal is for WipeOS to add value for its customers, and this integration is going to automate a lot of the processes and increase efficiency,” Hajrullahu said. He added: “Our team enjoyed working with IQ reseller engineers. This integration was a very smooth process. We’re looking forward to further cooperation with them.” Bill Blegen, CEO of IQ reseller, echoed the enthusiasm for the integration decision.
“In a crowded world of wiping choices; WipeOS offers unique features that are not available elsewhere in the market at this time. ITAD professionals would be wise to review the capabilities and see what customers they can apply this option for to win additional ITAD business,” he said. “Their team is open for customization, and the IQ reseller API is open so you can create the exact workflows you desire while taking away decision making on the shop floor to maximize production and eliminate mistakes.”